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N°11 Le Petit IMMO

Dear readers, while an aroma of turkey and chestnut is on its way, the first snowflakes are covering the tops of the nearing hills and a scent of Christmas is floating overhead. Our dynamic Managing Department team of 4 Bd Maeterlinck has set a cat among the pigeons. A special meeting has taken place with the Beaulieu and Nice collaborators in order to answer THE question that puzzles all real estate agents: Where can Father Christmas’ house possibly be located?

With this 11th issue we have implemen- ted important means to penetrate the mystery. Our tax specialists give you fiscal information to get ready for next year in their column, but nothing on THE question.

He has gone through all the possible red-coated man’s residences with a fine-tooth comb. Yes, the best sleuth, the most Scottish Sir, the most famous Royal Subject, no less, has accepted this nearly impossible mission. He is our season’s personality.
Owing to a classified report which we were able to lay a hand on, you will discover the truth on Father Christmas’ habitat in our History pages.

However, our real scoop is elsewhere. We have met a relative of the celebri- ty’s.
We have recognized him because of his white hair and his moustache…The most devoted Mont Boron and Nice lover, the artist Gilbert Pedinielli is por- trayed here. An exhibition of some of his work will take place in our Nice location in January 2009 and you are invited already.

As usual you will find our Interior Design page and our Agenda for the local events.
All our teams are pleased to wish you a nice and cosy end of the year as well as a very happy New Year.