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N°41 Votre coin de paradis

Dear readers,

This summer term, we have decided to unveil some of the treasures that found our region unique wealth. Through the pages, you will also find some exceptional properties our agencies have at your disposal either for buying or renting. We also hope to give you here matter to escape…

First of all, let’s announce our new comer, the latest Century 21 Lafage Transactions agency. Facing Villefranche natural harbour, it is located at Quai des Marinières.

Let’s remain on Villefranche docks. Dark Pelican is the must-have summer address, a company at the cutting edge of technology with rare skills in boating. Stéphane FLE and his crew can make everyone happy, whether children or adults, whether for a family day out at sea or for a romantic escapade. He’ll make your professional or sporting or coastal cruise a success. Here are sea experts that will help you know everything you can possibly do on it.

If you intend to visit Nice Old Town, you will necessarily come across Sainte Réparate’s cathedral. We give you some keys to understand the history and artworks of a major site in Nice.

We know how unintelligible tax systems may be for many of us. They are so widely extensive and so incredibly sophisticated that we have asked our tax specialists to tell you the most in a most simple language on the Pinel Law 2016 : a real work of art.

For a pleasant day, a beautiful week-end or for your holidays, we suggest a beach party at a hidden spot, a treasure only few insiders know, just to show you how fond of our readers we are…

Finally, we suggest you call on one of our Century 21Lafage Transactions agencies along the French Riviera eastern coast in order to make your dreams come true whether you wish to buy a house, make an investment or search professional premises. All our assistants, each one with his specific expertise, will share your motivation and will wisely guide you through the arcana of real estate.

So, here is our special issue of Le Petit IMMO whose table of contents has some surprises for you. We hope you will find reading it both pleasant and informative on the local treasures and the properties Century 21 Lafage Transactions have in store for you.

Good reading and have nice holidays!