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N°50 Sept. 2018 – Nov. 2018


Our heavenly sky and land are famed for pebble and summer time sun, however natives have a fondness for autumn mildness. This term we have suggestions to help you make the most of this sweet interval.

Tasty and captivating, mushrooms, chestnuts and sweet chestnuts have to be searched and we give you a tip to go picking them. Have a go! Sheltered by a centenarian plane tree, the Vannini family didn’t resist a Villefranche challenge. So, from now on, an to our greatest pleasure, we can fnd them at the head of the restaurant “La Corderie” where they demonstrate their originality and respect for the basics of their profession again. As for the Canatella family, there were no holidays. Not only did they settle on the Prom beach with their establishment “Le Galet” they also
decided to conquer Nice trendy area with their new place “Babbo mio”, a name with profound meaning. Summertime was no dolce farniente for our tax experts. They worked hard despite the scent of sunscreen and the attraction of surrounding deckchairs to provide you with the exemptions of capital gains on property sales.

Summer is a season favourable to dreams and autumn is favourable to making dreams come true. Century 21 Cabinet Lafage team is awaiting you in any of their agencies to listen to your expectations, to help and advise you in order to concretise your dream project. On the Côte d’Azur, you will necessarily find one of our eight agencies in your surroundings!

We hope you’ll fnd this Petit Immo issue both informative and taste buds tickling. We invite you to try our suggestions and wish you well. See you early next winter for new adventurous plans