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N°62 Dec. 2021 – Jan. – Feb. – Mar. 2022

On the 27th July 2021, Nice was listed Winter Resort Town of the Riviera by UNESCO. The decision of great importance made us choose to deal with three emblematic niçois sites. One is almost forgotten, Gairaut Waterfall and we invite you to visit it. Others, highly praised, the port “pointus” attract the locals in love with the small boats they have known since infancy, tourists keen on local touch and artists and photographers moved by such beauty. And then, a building known by all that has intrigued everyone for over a century and a half, Le Château de l’Anglais, nestling on the western slope of the Mont Boron, overhangs the harbour. Therefore, we have the immense pleasure to share with you the interview Caroline Rosso Cicogna has agreed to give us as soon as her book Le Château de l’Anglais was published. The wide scope of research, the richness of the story of a dream come true, an East Indies Army colonel’s dream, make the book fascinating and essential to understand how this part of Nice has developed since the mid nineteenth century.

Our regular columns introduce the relevant advice of our tax specialists, the calendar brings to your attention 4 major events for the coming season and our real estate sections gives you a glimpse of what Century 21 Lafage Transactions puts on the market in each of their 8 agencies between Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat and Nice Carré d’Or.
In each of them, you will find professionals who will put their competences at the disposal of your property project whether for renting, buying or selling residences or commercial premises. Our agents will take care of you in every step of the process. From the first research, they will help you choose what best corresponds to your expectations and will take in charge the administrative tasks pertaining to real estate transactions till completion. So don’t hesitate to drop in to seek information; our aim is to find the object of your desire and fulfil your hopes.

Benjjamin Mondou, President, his collaborators and the Petit Immo board wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year in a mild and sunny wintertime.




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Lafage Commerces specialized commercial walls from Nice to Monaco . Our local market expertise is a real asset to spot opportunities for your projects.


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